Romeo Treblanc

Coruscant noble that is now, unfortunately, dead.


Romeo Treblanc was a Human male spacer, adventurer and later businessman who owned the Galaxies Opera House of Coruscant. In his early years he would constantly journey to the Outer Rim Territories and even to more unknown regions where he would adventure and learn many things.

He apparently found out that a dantari crystal, an artifact that belonged to his family for many years, wasn’t in fact rightfully theirs. After his father’s death decided to transport it to Tatooine, to his friend and the crystal’s true owner. This was to be done by the crew of the Prestige, who would buy the crystal at an auction using Romeo’s money but the event was crashed by an agent of THE FIRST ORDER, who killed Romeo.

Luckily, the crew managed to get the crystal and began their escape.

Romeo Treblanc

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